The ups and downs of life are like the highs and lows of the ocean currents. How blissfully the swimmer enjoys the crest with his companions on a fine Monday morning on the Sunny beach!  With smile and excitement on his face, probably he wants to try a new rotation every time. It is blatant that : “He is happy and enjoying those moments”. For a few seconds he forgets that his child is getting late for school and he needs to drop him, he forgets that his boss at office will berate him for turning up behind time, he forgets that he needs to bring medicines for his ailing aunt, he forgets all the other mundane worries of life – and just floats.

But the same tide recedes and takes the swimmer sinking into the ocean when he cannot beat the current. He starts drowning! What was fun for him becomes havoc now. He fights against the tide to save his life, having fear of losing his near and dear ones. It all comes as kaleidoscopic memories. All the precious moments of the yesteryears quickly encompass in one blurred reminiscence. Suddenly he realizes that he needs to let it go, else he won’t be able to focus on the uphill task of fighting against the current. He starts striking back with all the force left; aggregating his physical and mental energies, and releasing it as a unified attack against the current.

He combats and after a tough battle – finds himself lying on the shore with water filled inside his body – making him feel inflated like a balloon. He cannot breathe and signals for help with hope that he will be saved and will return to his home. Soon he catches the attention of the regular beach strollers and they try to rescue his life.

After a few minutes of forceful pumping out of water from his chest, he starts breathing normally and becomes conscious. He is saved! The next morning he finds himself playing soccer with his seven year old son in the backyard of his home, with his wife smiling in all her beauty seeing her husband and son having the time of their lives.

The extraordinary quality to identify here is “Courage” and “Determination”, to fight against all odds. He could have lost his life and would be lying all numb among the coral reefs on the ocean bed if he would have given up – but he ROSE (pun not intended) up and conquered the most grueling battle of his life and emerged victorious. What we need to learn from him is that atrocities will definitely come in our lives and will try to wage a war against our existence. But eventually it all depends upon us : Do we fight back in the best possible way by pushing our limits to the furthest extent? Because in the end “Life isn’t fair to one and all”, so we cannot complain. Rather we should accept it as it comes – not leaving any stone untouched in our efforts.

What makes him notable is that he did not dispel out the news of the lethal event to his family : Seems like he did not want to give them any moments of distress so that they can still continue with their lives happily, joyfully and merrily – as if nothing had happened. True Love, definitely !

P.S. He still takes his son to the beach and teaches him how to swim, he does not want to snatch away his son’s bit of happiness and adventure just because the ocean was not fair to him on one instance. Even now, whenever he goes to the beach, his eyes are always searching – hoping those people who saved his life will visit the beach again so that he can just say “ThankYou” !


Love Beyond and More…

People in this world think that it is us who are responsible for our actions, but this worldwide accepted fact of billions of people including me was thrashed into the garbage only when I met a person called Smith. Smith was a young gentleman who came to live adjacent to our house on a rent basis.  He changed my views forever!

There was a girl in Smith’s life. Her name was “Angel”. Both of them were madly in love with each other. They were dating from three years and the amount of trust, respect, love and care between them was enormous. As Smith and I became good friends, I discovered the underlying truth of his love. I considered myself extremely fortunate to be a live witness of such divine love. Days passed and their love crimsoned and grew more beautiful beyond comparison. Soon I realized what the four lettered word “Love” meant for some people on this earth.

One fine morning when Smith woke up at around seven, he found things unusual. The daily English newspaper had not come, he did not hear the normal chirping of the birds and strangely not even a single message of “Good Morning” was received on his mobile from Angel. His watch stopped to function and was still showing 2 o’ clock. Something struck him and he deciphered from such eerie situation that something was amiss. Having quickly prepared a cup of coffee for himself, he called Angel. Her phone was switched off. This increased Smith’s apprehensions. And without wasting any moment he rushed himself towards Angel’s house to meet her. All the way through he kept mumbling and prayed that “All is well”.

When his car reached Angel’s house, he got down with sedate steps and was appalled to see an enormous crowd of people enclosing the house. Immediately he ran inside in order to meet his beloved but the earth beneath his feet slipped away when he saw Angel lying unconsciously on the ground, with a white shroud covering her pale face. He could not control his emotions and fell on the ground. But something unexpected happened to him that he rose up strongly with gained composure and empathized with Angel’s family. On investigating with Angel’s family, he came to know that Angel lost her life in a car accident late night around 2 am. He learned that day that sometimes in this ephemeral life one has to subdue one’s feelings and rise above all to cater to the needs of others.

When he reached his home after the funeral ceremony, he found himself completely lost into the sweet memories of Angel. Everything just enclosed a special connotation and pictures flashed in front of his moist eyes. He went towards his desk and picked up the watch which was not functioning. It still showed two. Something so blatant struck him. He now realized that why the daily newspaper was missing; why the chirping of the birds could not be heard and above all ‘why his watch still showed two’. Everything held a divine manifestation with it and with a relaxing smile on his face he laid on his bed contended that each and everything was just so “Celestial”.

Each morning now when he wakes up he thinks that the birds sing “Elegy on the death of Angel” …

When Duty Shall Call

Hundreds of thousands cry today,

And many weep tears in misery and poverty!

Another lot is afflicted with terrorism,

And our valiant soldiers are guarding us,

Giving us a calm sleep,

But snatching their own.

Are we so selfish to take it all,

And repay nothing?

Some may be but many are not.

Today we stand holding our arms together in unity,

Building a wall of protection,

And amplifying our voice, shouting:

We will never lose,

For our spirits are indomitable,

And ever increasing.

My friend,

Go on to the hills and valleys,

Rivers and lands,

Whatever place you can,

And tell them,

We will answer when duty shall call